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Curious, Creative, & Compassionate


About Me

I am a microbiologist currently pursuing a Master's of Public Health at Boston University. I am passionate about seeking ways to understand and improve health outcomes across a variety of scales, from the cellular to the societal. As I pivot my career toward public health, I am eager to bring the skills and expertise I've cultivated from the lab out into the broader world.


​Most recently, I worked as a research associate in the Klepac-Ceraj Lab at Wellesley College investigating how the bacteria in the human gut might affect brain development in children. Before that, I was studying a community of anaerobic photosynthetic bacteria capable of manganese mineral production, a process previously unobserved.

My interests outside the lab include baking sourdough, knitting scarves and sweaters, singing with the Metropolitan Chorale, and playing the carillon, a keyboard instrument connected to bells.

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