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About the Author

A recent liberal arts college graduate, I have always been caught between science and humanities. Up until now, I've been able to avoid deciding between the two and continue to do so now by writing about science. While I am not the most experienced scientist, I am familiar with the laboratory environment and well-acquainted with the typical mistakes of first-timers. Thus, I wanted to write about what it's actually like doing research in order to dispel some misconceptions held by non-scientists, set up expectations for aspiring scientists, and commiserate with those of us whose daily reality, for better or worse, is the pursuit of science.

About the Blog

Why write about boring lab work and not cool results?

Science is often considered infallible and incomprehensible to non-scientists. The great scientists know it shouldn’t be either. At its core, research is simply a story of questions, answers, and more questions. Rather than write about partial answers, I present you with stories of the people asking the questions behind the science—people who have struggled, people who have made stupid, and sometimes expensive, mistakes, and people who have come through it all to further our knowledge of the world.

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